Fefu and Her Friends

One of my forays into sound design was Fefu and Her Friends. The show is a multi-space piece, with the first act starting in the titular character’s living room. For the second act, the audience is divided into four groups, and each group rotates between four different satellite locations, viewing a different scene each time. The third and final act takes place back in the living room.


This multi-location format provided many challenges in designing the sound system, and tracking cue information across the second act. A comprehensive drafting packet proved very useful in getting the systems working as quickly as possible, and served as good documentation when last-minute changes were needed.

Production Photos

Production Credits

Director – Rachel Dickstein
Production Stage Manager – Stephanie Rhodes
Lighting Designer – William Keener
Scenic Designer – Charli Burkhardt
Costume Designer – Anat Goldberg-Yoseffy
Technical Director – Dom Bogetto

Additional Information

Company – Conservatory of Theatre Arts, Purchase College, SUNY
Venue – CMFT Performance Theatre, Purchase College, SUNY
Photography – Zoë Markwalter